First, we listen.

We listen to our clients’ sales objectives, and review competitive positions and marketing challenges as they see them. We also gather helpful competitive marketing information.

Then we provide a communications strategy based on your marketing objectives.

If you don’t have clearly defined objectives, we can help you define them. But in order to get anywhere, you need to know where you want to be.

Then we create messages that get through.

We work along a very short learning curve. We understand manufacturing and related industries so you don’t waste your time explaining concepts to us. We can get right to work, once we agree on a strategy and key tasks.

The messages we create put key selling propositions in terms your prospects understand and value, helping to drive interest to your company.

Ideally, communications tasks are part of an integrated marketing services effort that presents a unified brand identity to the market.

Push-marketing or pull-marketing, we can create and deliver a unified message to your markets through:

  • Publicity creation and placement
  • Focused ad creative
  • Media planning and buying
  • Sales literature
  • Website design and visitor tracking
  • Lead Generation
  • Video scripting and production
  • Trade show strategy and support
  • Lead tracking
  • Client publications